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It's no wonder that Istanbul is always chosen as a top destination for tourists embarking on holidays, as this historical and culturally rich city has figured a lot in the development of Turkey as an empire and a nation. Istanbul is recognized not only for being the economic capital and the largest city of Turkey, it also boasts of being a center of rich Turkish culture and architecture. Heritage sites, buildings and monuments are found throughout Istanbul. It's also famed for its historic shopping centers and bazaars, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Istanbul Kent English- Via Lingua Istanbul offers one-month intensive courses.  Upon successful completion of the course requirements, a certificate in TEFL is awarded. Via Lingua's certificate is accepted world-wide and ISTANBUL Kent English is their only representative in Turkey.

Joining our CTEFL course will give you an insight into the world of teaching and will prepare you to face the EFL classroom with confidence. In fact, one of our highlights and unique features is the use of real ESL classes for the teaching practices. 

The Via Lingua Istanbul CTEFL course is an experience which will allow you to immerse yourself in the teaching world as well as surround yourself with a unique mixture of cultures and the remains of ancient civilizations. Whether you like interacting with people, getting to know other cultures, or whether you are planning to change your career, Via Lingua Istanbul CTEFL is the answer. 




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